General Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Trash Pick-Up & Recycling

Trash is picked up by Republic Services weekly from the 2 dumpsters every Tuesday & Friday. Recycling bins are emptied by Waste Management every other Friday.

Large/bulky items are NOT permitted in the dumpsters or left on the ground outside of the dumpster.  Residents disposing of large items in this manner will be fined.

Board Meetings

The Cliffs 2 Board and Property Manager meet on the third Wednesday of each month to address community issues, maintenance concerns and co-owner questions.  Co-owners are given the first 30 minutes to voice their concerns and are welcome to stay throughout the meetings unless there is a need to close the session for executive issues.

Our next meeting is March 20, 2024 at 4:30pm in the Pool House.

Pay Association Fees Online

Visit the Casa Bella Management website to sign up.  You will need your account number and zip code to register.

Air Conditioner Access

If you need your air conditioner serviced, please contact a Board Member 48 hours in advance to provide access to the attic hatch in your building.

Weekly Cleaning

The interior hallways, stairwells and laundry rooms are cleaned every week.

Insurance Info

Cliffs on the Point II carries complete insurance coverage through CIBA Insurance Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I contact in the event of an emergency on the property?                          In events where serious damage can occur to the property (flood, fire, structural failure, etc.), please call 866-989-3845.  You must be available for a call back and/or service response.

Do I have to inform the Association about any changes/updates that I make to my unit?  You must submit a modification request any time that you intend to make changes that could directly effect the integrity, aesthetics, or safety of the property and other residents (i.e. structural changes/common walls, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, windows & doorwalls, balconies).  Often these changes also require permits from Ypsilanti Township and should always be done by licensed and insured professionals.  Failure to seek approval of modifications prior to starting work could result in penalties, fines and legal action.  See the Home Maintenance section for specific information.

Can I have a pet in the Cliffs?  And if so, do I have to register it?                       Pets are certainly welcome in the Cliffs 2, but there are restrictions.  Co-owners cannot have more than 2 cats or 1 dog (under 25 pounds) per unit.  Any pets that are in common areas must be properly restrained.  Dogs must be registered with Ypsilanti Township and have collars and identification tags.  Co-owners are responsible to clean up all pet droppings.  While there is no formal pet registration process with the Association, it is a good idea to let the Board or Casa Bella Management know when you add a pet to your household, especially in the event that the pet gets lost.

How do I obtain parking stickers and pool keys?                                                         Vehicles registered to co-owners are required to have parking stickers (up to 2 vehicles).  Requests for parking stickers can be made with the security guard on duty.

Pool keys can be acquired through Casa Bella Management 734-973-5500.  Each unit is issued 1 pool key.  Lost stickers or keys may be replaced for a fee, Cliffs Shared Pool Key Policy.

Can I reserve the Pool House for small events?                                                            The pool and adjacent pool house are available for use to co-owners from Memorial Day until Labor Day each year.  During that time, co-owners can utilize the areas for small gatherings as long as it does not exclude other co-owners from accessing the space.  All established CLIFFS SHARED POOL RULES apply.

What is the policy on visitors on the property?                                                    Visitors are welcome anytime.  All visitors must adhere to the rules, regulations and policies of the Association and are ultimately the responsibility of the co-owner hosting them.  During evening hours, visitors may have to be verified by the security guard on duty.  The security guards are on duty 365 days a year from 8pm-4am.  The phone number to the guard house is 734-430-7661.

Can I have a satellite dish?                                                                                                      The short answer is yes.  However, all of the appropriate rules and regulations must be followed.  See the Home Maintenance section for specific information.