Home Maintenance

Maintenance Requests

Casa Bella Management must be contacted on all requests for tracking purposes.  Maintenance requests are prioritized and service dates are scheduled by Casa Bella Management.  Follow-up with Casa Bella Management if you have questions regarding the schedule, performance, or quality of the requested work.  Please contact our Property Manager, Emily Whiting at 248-655-1500.

You can submit a maintenance request by phone, 248-655-1500, or online through the Casa Bella Management website: https://www.casabellamanagement.com/register_association.php.

Modification Requests

You must submit a modification request any time that you intend to make changes that could directly effect the integrity, aesthetics, or safety of the property and other residents (i.e. structural changes/common walls, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, windows & doorwalls, balconies).  Often these changes also require permits from Ypsilanti Township and should always be done by licensed and insured professionals.  Failure to seek approval of modifications prior to starting work could result in penalties, fines and legal action.

This Condo Repair & Replace Matrix describes what areas co-owners are responsible for as opposed to the areas that the association is responsible for.

Some examples of projects that require a modification form:

  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Installing new windows or doorwalls
  • Installing a new furnace or air conditioner (Condenser Regulations)
  • Remodeling a bathroom (new sink, toilet or tub/shower)
  • Floor leveling for flooring installation (any adjustment or impact on concrete subfloor)

All modification requests must be submitted to the Board prior to the next board meeting. The co-owner may also attend the meeting to share any relevant information about the request.  The request will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated to the co-owner in writing.

Modification Request Form

Window & Doorwall Modification Request Form