Cliffs on the Point II is managed by an elected Board of co-owners that provides leadership, covenant compliance, property maintenance and fiscal accountability.

Board of Directors

President/CSEF Board: Khurum Sheikh,, 734-332-0784

Vice President/Community Liaison: Irven Arnold,, 734-219-7208

Secretary/Newsletter Editor: Estelle Dunlap-Russell,, 734-481-3054

Treasurer: Chundra Johnson,, 734-678-8224


Property Management Company

Associa/Kramer-Triad Management Group

1100 Victors Way, Suite 50, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Manager: Sharron McCormick

Customer Service:, Main Line 734-973-5500

Emergency ONLY: 866-788-5130; 800-794-9297